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Bachata Tempo Dance Center

Bachata – one of the most popular and basic Latino dance forms is rapidly becoming known for its health benefits as well. Bachata was originally intended to be a stress-buster dance form in the Latin countries, however, with globalization, this dance form is swiftly becoming popular as an alternate for working out at the gym to lose weight and stay fit.

Benefits of Bachata

Experts and dancers are of the opinion that Bachata, with its sensuous yet rigorous movements can help to achieve numerous benefits, health-wise.

These are some of the common benefits and advantages that you get when you learn Bachata, for fitness or for fun:


Bachata involves moving your body slowly to the often mournful music, the wide range of complex movements require you to move all major muscle groups in the body. The tempo of the music can be adjusted according to the level of expertise you have reached at present. This helps to control heart rate, lower blood pressure and improve breathing.


Bachata originated as a stress-buster in the Dominican Republic of South America. It started off as a mournful and heartbreaking dance which was performed with immense passion and emotions. Today, Bachata dance classes, such as Tempo Dance Center in Dubai, incorporate movements that ensure releasing much-needed endorphins in the brain. This helps the brain to relax and the body to get completely de-stressed.

Bachata dance not only helps you to stay fit physically, it also effectively reduces your daily life’s stress and helps to rejuvenate body and mind.

Originated in The República Dominicana in the 20th century and spread to other parts of Latin America and Mediterranean Europe. This type of Latin dance is referred to a Romantic Type of music, usually about heartbreak and sadness

Beginners: Sunday 9-10PM
Intermediate: Tuesday 9-10PM

Kizomba Dance Dubai

Staying healthy and fit does not always mean you have to go on a strict diet to starve yourself and perform rigorous workout routines at the gym. Today,

with various alternates available it has become increasingly efficient, convenient and even fun to lose extra weight and get back in shape.Kizomba is one such ultra-modern alternate for fitness enthusiasts and dance lovers alike. Originating in Angola, Africa Kizomba is a truly sensual dance form which has taken Europe and American countries by storm. This dance form is considered by experts to be one of the most sensual and bonding dance styles for couples.

Although Kizomba is considered to be similar to the Argentinean Tango, the music is the main driving force behind the dance moves in this.

Advantages of Kizomba in fitness

Kizomba, unlike Salsa, Zumba or Zouk is yet to reach the level of popularity amongst the fitness industry. However, the seemingly slower movements of Kizomba have several fitness benefits, such as

Stress busting

Kizomba is mainly focused on toning the senses of the dancers, unlike the other similar dance forms, where the focus is mainly on movement and toning the muscles, which helps Kizomba become an effective stress buster.

Kizomba allows dancers to lose themselves in the rhythm of the music using their senses and de-stress immensely. It helps to release much-needed endorphins that help the body and mind to relax.

Ideal warm up

As most fitness routines tend to start slow, build a tempo and then stop suddenly, Kizomba is different in this sense. It works effectively to lower the heart rate, relax the body essentially and help you breathe better. This works as a great alternate for a warm-up and cooling-down exercise.

Although Kizomba focuses mainly on the senses of the dancers, the numerous hip-isolation and contra-body movements required in it efficiently help to build and maintain muscle tone and strength. .

Best for couples

Kizomba is a sensual dance which requires close contact with the partner. The steps and movements in Kizomba help build a stronger bond by trusting the partner to lead in sensual and complex dance moves.

Strengthen joints

Although Kizomba can be seen as a comparatively slower dance form than Salsa and others, there is immense use of the knees and hip joints in the movements.

People recovering from joint surgery or weakened knees are seen to benefit greatly with Kizomba dance.

Why choose Tempo Dance Centre for Kizomba dance in Dubai?

Tempo Dance Centre is a leading dance training and learning center. It is managed by a team of highly experienced choreographers and professional dancers.

At Tempo, every individual participant is ensured to be taught Kizomba in the most effective, efficient and convenient way possible which gets actual results. The smaller numbers of members in each class ensures better end-results and makes you fit and sensuous.

Tempo Dance Centre in Dubai is a premium destination for dance lovers and fitness freaks to enjoy their health while dancing with passion and vigor.

Monday & Wednesday 9-10PM.

dance is the latest popular dance craze in Latin and Caribbean dance clubs in the United States and around the worldIt originated in Luanda, the capitol of Angola in West Africa in the 1980's. The word kizomba means "party" in the national language of Angola, Kimbundu.