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Salsa is a romantic, yet energetic dance and is a great way to get in shape. it is a fun dance that includes a lot of hip movement, styling, footwork &lots of spins. salsa is also a great social dance that helps you to meet people and socialize with them.

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is a fast, energetic, funk-style Dance, a combination of cool & funky moves to the latest dance tracks. In a HipHop class, be prepared for a workout!!! HipHop is the Latest dance phenomenon. HipHop dancing includes Breaking, Locking, Popping, RnB & New-style.
Dance Hall Classes for All Levels: Monday @ 8 PM

Afrobeats Classes for All Levels: Wednesday@ 8 PM

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Zumba, The NEW HOTT fitness workout, it's ONE of the nation's fastest growing FITNESS crazes Designed for the non-dancer ,The new fitness craze that fuses Latin-based rhythms with motivating music, unique moves, and challenging combinations. Bring your energy and dance away your worries. Adults , kids and seniors , MEN or WOMEN .
... Get your heart pumping with ZUMBA
Zumba with Jed: Monday  8-9 PM
Zumba with Dorce: Saturday 7-8PM
Learn Belly Dance In Dubai – Tips For Finding The Best Training Academy

Belly Dance Class for All Levels: Sunday & Tuesday 7-8 PM

Break Dance in Dubai

Breakdancing is the new way and innovative way to lose weight. Breakdancing, or B-Boying as it is popularly called, is one of the ultra-modern and impressive dance forms which require considerable strength, stamina and endurance to accomplish.

Although similar to Hip Hop in several aspects, breakdancing requires you to use your core muscle strength for your body weight. A combination of spins, freezes and up-rocks ensure you get a full body workout which is seldom possible with any other aerobic exercise routine.

Benefits of Breakdancing for fitness

If you are looking for a fun and effective way to not only lose extra flab but also stay in perfect shape, then breakdancing might be the right solution for you.

If you are looking for a fun and effective way to not only lose extra flab but also stay in perfect shape, then breakdancing might be the right solution for you.

With breakdancing you need to use all major muscle groups. The series of movements require hand-stands and freezes which require building up immense core strength. The arms, shoulders, abdomen (core area), thighs, quads, etc get a thorough workout when breakdancing.

The breakdancing routine is helpful to increase the heart rate and level the blood pressure effectively. Every move is swift and artistic which makes it fun to do and exciting to watch.

Apart from building your strength, breakdancing is most effective in perfecting your balance and increasing flexibility. This results in increased and better blood and oxygen flow to all parts of the body, thus keeping them clear of toxins as well.

Why Tempo Dance Center for Breakdancing in Dubai?

Tempo Dance Centre has been in the forefront of the ultra-modern fitness industry in the UAE. As part of the new global fitness revolution, Tempo ensures that each person gets the most out of their dance training.

At Tempo, our team of highly experienced and extensive trained dance trainers and choreographers ensure that each person is trained in the best possible manner.

Break-dance is a street dance style, the dance requires power in spins and combination moves with up-rocks, freezes and acrobatic moves that involve a great deal of strength.

Saturday, Monday & Wednesday 5-6PM

Ballet Dance Dubai – A Perfect Choice For People Of All Ages

Ballet is one of the most enchanting and graceful dance forms, which originated in Italy during the Renaissance period and has today become popular across the globe. In fact there are several options for the types of ballet lessons in Dubai that are available for interested individuals. Apart from being an extremely fun filled and entertaining dance form, it is also suitable for people of all age groups. From young children to adults, the number of people enrolling for ballet classes in Dubai has been constantly rising.

Types Of Ballet Dances

Not many people are aware of the fact that they can avail different types of ballet lessons in Dubai.   Given below are the brief details of the three main types in which thus beautiful dance form is available.

Classical: This is the traditional way of performing ballet and people opting for this type of ballet dance Dubai can choose from a wide choice of variations. The variations differ on the basis of their country of origin with the most popular variations being Russian, Italian, Danish, Balanchine and New York ones. Another distinguishing feature that people intending to take classical ballet lessons in Dubai need to be aware of is the need to use specially designed pointed shoes, which make it easier for the dancers to stand on the tips of their toes. 

 Neoclassical: This is a relatively less strict format of the dance as compared to the classical one.  People opting for neoclassical ballet classes are required to perform on more extreme tempo besides which the feats in this format are more technical. However, despite being more relaxed, the neoclassical ballet lessons in Dubai are not opted for by many people as it is extremely sophisticated and quite difficult to master. 

Contemporary: This format combines the features of classical ballet and contemporary dance forms. It the easiest of all three types of ballet lessons in Dubai. It features a wide range of movements besides which it does not put any restrictions on body line.   

There are several dance schools that offer training in ballet dance Dubai. However, choosing the best training center is not easy, primarily because teaching and learning the dance is quite difficult. Only the true professionals, who possess the patience and the skill to conduct ballet classes in a manner where the individual learners feel motivated and inspired despite the complex movements involved. It is important for individuals intending to enroll for ballet lessons in Dubai to learn about the expertise and experience of the trainer to learn it in a most beneficial manner. 

Every Tuesdays 5:00 - 5: 45 PM

Tango Classes In Dubai – Unravelling A World Of Romance And Love

Tango is one of the most romantic dance forms to have been developed in the history of mankind. Most people opting to undertake Tango classes in Dubai are unaware of the fact that it had very humble beginning. The dance form first evolved in the slums of Buenos Aries in Argentina and from there it travelled to other parts of the world captivating the imagination of the people wherever it went. However, most people enrolling at a renowned Tango dance academy in Dubai are trained in an improvised, erotic and aggressive version of the dance from which hold the elegance and style of ballroom dancing and is charismatic and sensuous at the same time.

Unique Features Of Tango Dance

Tango is influenced by the various elements of the different dance forms practiced across the globe. However, it also has its own unique features which make attending Tango classes in Dubai a truly fun filled experience. Some of these features are listed below.

·       Tango has its own set of specific movements including quick turns and rapid jerking of legs and arms, which most people identify as the most unique aspect of this dance form.

·        One of the most important things taught at a Tango dance academy Dubai is the necessity for the dancers to have a proud, strong and quietly dignified expression during the performance. 

·    The dance features smooth flowing movements that reflect great chemistry between the performing couple. At the same time it features quick jerky movements of the upper body which seem like the participating couples determinately opposing each other.

·       People taking tango classes in Dubai also become aware of that they need to carry out structured and refined upper body movements with pointed hands and stiff head movements, while the more common lower body movements involve a frenetic routine of the legs.

Finding The Best Teacher

There is a common perception that Tango is an easy dance form that can be taught even by people with minimal experience. It is this misconception that leads countless learners to enrol for the wrong Tango classes in Dubai and end up feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. In order to avoid getting trapped in such a situation, it is important for the learners to ensure that they choose the Tango dance academy Dubai with great care.

They should make sure that the dance instructor has an in-depth understanding of the right movements of the dance. The instructors should also be adept in the art of communicating exact physical action to help the trainees master the various movements.

Beginners class : Sunday 9-10 pm,
Intermediate : Monday 9-10PM/ Friday 8:30-9:30PM

Kizomba Dance Dubai

Staying healthy and fit does not always mean you have to go on a strict diet to starve yourself and perform rigorous workout routines at the gym. Today,

with various alternates available it has become increasingly efficient, convenient and even fun to lose extra weight and get back in shape.Kizomba is one such ultra-modern alternate for fitness enthusiasts and dance lovers alike. Originating in Angola, Africa Kizomba is a truly sensual dance form which has taken Europe and American countries by storm. This dance form is considered by experts to be one of the most sensual and bonding dance styles for couples.

Although Kizomba is considered to be similar to the Argentinean Tango, the music is the main driving force behind the dance moves in this.

Advantages of Kizomba in fitness

Kizomba, unlike Salsa, Zumba or Zouk is yet to reach the level of popularity amongst the fitness industry. However, the seemingly slower movements of Kizomba have several fitness benefits, such as

Stress busting

Kizomba is mainly focused on toning the senses of the dancers, unlike the other similar dance forms, where the focus is mainly on movement and toning the muscles, which helps Kizomba become an effective stress buster.

Kizomba allows dancers to lose themselves in the rhythm of the music using their senses and de-stress immensely. It helps to release much-needed endorphins that help the body and mind to relax.

Ideal warm up

As most fitness routines tend to start slow, build a tempo and then stop suddenly, Kizomba is different in this sense. It works effectively to lower the heart rate, relax the body essentially and help you breathe better. This works as a great alternate for a warm-up and cooling-down exercise.

Although Kizomba focuses mainly on the senses of the dancers, the numerous hip-isolation and contra-body movements required in it efficiently help to build and maintain muscle tone and strength. .

Best for couples

Kizomba is a sensual dance which requires close contact with the partner. The steps and movements in Kizomba help build a stronger bond by trusting the partner to lead in sensual and complex dance moves.

Strengthen joints

Although Kizomba can be seen as a comparatively slower dance form than Salsa and others, there is immense use of the knees and hip joints in the movements.

People recovering from joint surgery or weakened knees are seen to benefit greatly with Kizomba dance.

Why choose Tempo Dance Centre for Kizomba dance in Dubai?

Tempo Dance Centre is a leading dance training and learning center. It is managed by a team of highly experienced choreographers and professional dancers.

At Tempo, every individual participant is ensured to be taught Kizomba in the most effective, efficient and convenient way possible which gets actual results. The smaller numbers of members in each class ensures better end-results and makes you fit and sensuous.

Tempo Dance Centre in Dubai is a premium destination for dance lovers and fitness freaks to enjoy their health while dancing with passion and vigor.

Monday & Wednesday 9-10PM.

dance is the latest popular dance craze in Latin and Caribbean dance clubs in the United States and around the world It originated in Luanda, the capitol of Angola in West Africa in the 1980's. The word  kizomba  means "party" in the national language of Angola, Kimbundu.

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Dabkeh Dance Classes in Dubai

Maintaining a healthy and fit body brings to mind the conventional strict dieting and rigorous exercising at the gym. Today, in this ultra-modern era, this is not the case anymore. Now you can lose weight and stay slim and fit using dance. The artistic expression of music in motion has been around for thousands of years, in numerous forms. From the gentle and romantic to the tribal and aggressive, dance has helped humans connect with the inner self from centuries now.

Dabkeh is one such exotic dance form. Basically a Levantine folk dance, it is believed to have originated in the Middle East, specifically in the region covering Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. It is a gentle and rhythmic feet-based dance form which was earlier very popular at local weddings and other such special occasions. Traditionally it is performed by forming a line from right to left by holding the other person’s hand with the leader in the front. The lines can be all-male, all-female or mixed. In the regional dialects, the word ‘Dabkeh’ actually means to stomp/stamp with the foot.

Although seemingly gentle and easy to perform, Dabkeh is deceptively energetic and requires considerable stamina for longer and more elaborate movements from all participants.

Basics of Dabkeh

Dabkeh, as mentioned earlier, is a foot-based dance form with minimum hand movements. The basic steps involve the participants stepping and kicking while alternately turning towards the audience and the other members of the line with every kick or step.

Dabkeh is originally performed on only a drum which sets a rhythm for the steps. However, the tempo of the dance can be increased significantly by speeding up the music.

Why choose Tempo Dance Centre in Dubai to learn Dabkeh for fitness?

Tempo Dance Center is one of the most prominent dance and fitness centers in Dubai. It enjoys immense popularity with locals and expats alike, who are looking for a fun and effective way to lose weight and stay fit.

At Tempo, every dance instructor is highly experienced and extensively trained to handle members of all ages. These highly skilled professionals ensure that you get the ideal attention and training required to master the moves of Dabkeh, the exotic Middle Eastern dance form, becoming immensely popular for fitness.

Tempo Dance Center offers classes in Dabkeh dance training for professional and passionate dancers to fitness enthusiasts alike.

Dabke is a Levantine folk dance, which means it originated from a region in the Middle East that includes the countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. 

Adults beginners class: Tuesday 9-10PM