Tango Classes In Dubai – Unravelling A World Of Romance And Love

Tango is one of the most romantic dance forms to have been developed in the history of mankind. Most people opting to undertake Tango classes in Dubai are unaware of the fact that it had very humble beginning. The dance form first evolved in the slums of Buenos Aries in Argentina and from there it travelled to other parts of the world captivating the imagination of the people wherever it went. However, most people enrolling at a renowned Tango dance academy in Dubai are trained in an improvised, erotic and aggressive version of the dance from which hold the elegance and style of ballroom dancing and is charismatic and sensuous at the same time.

Unique Features Of Tango Dance

Tango is influenced by the various elements of the different dance forms practiced across the globe. However, it also has its own unique features which make attending Tango classes in Dubai a truly fun filled experience. Some of these features are listed below.

·       Tango has its own set of specific movements including quick turns and rapid jerking of legs and arms, which most people identify as the most unique aspect of this dance form.

·        One of the most important things taught at a Tango dance academy Dubai is the necessity for the dancers to have a proud, strong and quietly dignified expression during the performance. 

·    The dance features smooth flowing movements that reflect great chemistry between the performing couple. At the same time it features quick jerky movements of the upper body which seem like the participating couples determinately opposing each other.

·       People taking tango classes in Dubai also become aware of that they need to carry out structured and refined upper body movements with pointed hands and stiff head movements, while the more common lower body movements involve a frenetic routine of the legs.

Finding The Best Teacher

There is a common perception that Tango is an easy dance form that can be taught even by people with minimal experience. It is this misconception that leads countless learners to enrol for the wrong Tango classes in Dubai and end up feeling dissatisfied and frustrated. In order to avoid getting trapped in such a situation, it is important for the learners to ensure that they choose the Tango dance academy Dubai with great care.

They should make sure that the dance instructor has an in-depth understanding of the right movements of the dance. The instructors should also be adept in the art of communicating exact physical action to help the trainees master the various movements.

Beginners class : Sunday 9-10 pm,
Intermediate : Monday 9-10PM/ Friday 8:30-9:30PM