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Dabkeh Dance Classes in Dubai

Maintaining a healthy and fit body brings to mind the conventional strict dieting and rigorous exercising at the gym. Today, in this ultra-modern era, this is not the case anymore. Now you can lose weight and stay slim and fit using dance. The artistic expression of music in motion has been around for thousands of years, in numerous forms. From the gentle and romantic to the tribal and aggressive, dance has helped humans connect with the inner self from centuries now.

Dabkeh is one such exotic dance form. Basically a Levantine folk dance, it is believed to have originated in the Middle East, specifically in the region covering Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. It is a gentle and rhythmic feet-based dance form which was earlier very popular at local weddings and other such special occasions. Traditionally it is performed by forming a line from right to left by holding the other person’s hand with the leader in the front. The lines can be all-male, all-female or mixed. In the regional dialects, the word ‘Dabkeh’ actually means to stomp/stamp with the foot.

Although seemingly gentle and easy to perform, Dabkeh is deceptively energetic and requires considerable stamina for longer and more elaborate movements from all participants.

Basics of Dabkeh

Dabkeh, as mentioned earlier, is a foot-based dance form with minimum hand movements. The basic steps involve the participants stepping and kicking while alternately turning towards the audience and the other members of the line with every kick or step.

Dabkeh is originally performed on only a drum which sets a rhythm for the steps. However, the tempo of the dance can be increased significantly by speeding up the music.

Why choose Tempo Dance Centre in Dubai to learn Dabkeh for fitness?

Tempo Dance Center is one of the most prominent dance and fitness centers in Dubai. It enjoys immense popularity with locals and expats alike, who are looking for a fun and effective way to lose weight and stay fit.

At Tempo, every dance instructor is highly experienced and extensively trained to handle members of all ages. These highly skilled professionals ensure that you get the ideal attention and training required to master the moves of Dabkeh, the exotic Middle Eastern dance form, becoming immensely popular for fitness.

Tempo Dance Center offers classes in Dabkeh dance training for professional and passionate dancers to fitness enthusiasts alike.

Dabke is a Levantine folk dance, which means it originated from a region in the Middle East that includes the countries of Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria. 

Adults beginners class: Tuesday 9-10PM