Bachata Tempo Dance Center

Bachata – one of the most popular and basic Latino dance forms is rapidly becoming known for its health benefits as well. Bachata was originally intended to be a stress-buster dance form in the Latin countries, however, with globalization, this dance form is swiftly becoming popular as an alternate for working out at the gym to lose weight and stay fit.

Experts and dancers are of the opinion that Bachata, with its sensuous yet rigorous movements can help to achieve numerous benefits, health-wise.

Bachata involves moving your body slowly to the often mournful music, the wide range of complex movements require you to move all major muscle groups in the body. The tempo of the music can be adjusted according to the level of expertise you have reached at present. This helps to control heart rate, lower blood pressure and improve breathing.


Bachata originated as a stress-buster in the Dominican Republic of South America. It started off as a mournful and heartbreaking dance which was performed with immense passion and emotions.

Today, Bachata dance classes, such as Tempo Dance Center in Dubai, incorporate movements that ensure releasing much-needed endorphins in the brain. This helps the brain to relax and the body to get completely de-stressed. Bachata dance not only helps you to stay fit physically, it also effectively reduces your daily life’s stress and helps to rejuvenate body and mind.

Originated in The República Dominicana in the 20th century and spread to other parts of Latin America and Mediterranean Europe. This type of Latin dance is referred to a Romantic Type of music, usually about heartbreak and sadness
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